How It Works

While Away has a 5 simple steps to ensure that you can go away with complete peace of mind.

STEP #1: Assess your needs

When you get in touch with us to book our service, we will ask several questions to understand your needs. This may include your pet’s schedule, medical requirements, quirks that are unique to your furry family, frequency of visits, house care needs, etc. We want to make sure we understand completely what you require so we can help fulfill it.

STEP #2: Caregiver matching

It is important that you are matched up with someone who suits your needs. Beyond the basics of meeting your scheduling requirements, we also look at age and gender preferences, personality types, and skillset. There is no perfect caregiver for everyone so we strive to match you up with the perfect one for you.

STEP #3: Information gathering

We have all of our clients fill out information specific to their home and pets. This includes basic home information (where the breaker box and main water shut off valve are located, where the mailbox is, previous damage to monitor), pet information (feeding and walk routine, past and present health conditions, treats and toys), and your veterinary information (location of clinic, name of your veterinarian, nearest 24 hour clinic). We are always prepared for everyday care as well as in the event of an emergency.

STEP #4: Meet and Greet

You will have the chance to meet your caregiver ahead of time to ensure that it is a mutual match. This is generally 30 to 60 minutes in length and includes meeting you and your furry family, a complete house tour, reviewing all of the documents, key exchange, and payment if it has not already been completed. While Away truly becomes an extension of your family so we never want a stranger entering your home.

STEP #5: Vacation Time!

Now that all t’s have been crossed and i’s have been dotted, it is time for you to go away with complete peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are in exceptional hands. You will be sent text messages and/or emails with updates and pictures of your loved ones throughout your holiday so you know that all is well back home.